Monthly Archives: March 2011

Still slumbering in the CG

This is why it is so quiet around here….

If you want to turn soil right now, be my guest...

Mild January and a relatively mild February, except to have a pile of snow fall on February 24th.  Not quite gardening weather yet, you think?  Just as well, since my brains have been busy elsewhere, trying to get indoor projects taken care of before “gardening season” takes hold.

The CG Ladies had a lovely afternoon tea however, providing us a chance to review our garden favorites and less-favorites, the yay’s and nay’s.  Sounds like we will skip lemon cucumbers and patty-pan summer squash for another type of cucumber (English type, maybe), and an extra delicata or acorn squash.

Just to remind us it is still winter...

The wood iris thought it was time to show off in mid-February

So we dream on a little longer.....