Monthly Archives: April 2011

A spot of spring……

If the chairs are out front, then it is officially the start of our CG!  We were granted a brief reprieve on April 3rd, from any significant precipitation, and were able to spend time seeding various lettuces, spinach, scallions, and mesclun mix.  I was contemplating doing a “sun dance” to invite the solar rays to part the weather system.

Chairs are out...the CG is in session!

As beautiful as the soil is, it is still so wet, that turning fertilizer in by shovel was a bit more than our bodies wanted to deal with.  For now we scratched in some 6-4-2 organic blend in the planting area, and will side-dress more as the plants become bigger.  Hopefully, before mid-May, we will dry out more, so the rest of the area can be turned before warm weather veggies are brought in.

Really, there are seeds in the ground.

We take the sun when we can get it!  Many locals are feeling like it would be good to have much more….SUN…..please!  In the last couple of weeks there have been a few 1-shot days scattered amongst the confusion of rain, drizzle, and hail.  Even a little more snow in the foothills.  Hail? That means it is spring.

Brightest color spots to herald spring...

Today there are a couple of rows of “green” showing, so our little seeds are responding to the call of father Sun and mother Earth.  Hooray!