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My plot number is…899,458

Happy Earth Day!  Opening season for our garden is in another day or two…stay tuned!

Just came across info about urban garden plots in Switzerland.  Throughout parts of Europe and Russia these urban community plots (allotments for households-families) have been in existence for some time, sometimes decades, built in the surrounding areas outside city centers, both affluent and otherwise.  The structures are not homes, but shelters and storage. Europeans seem to take ownership of their food quality more seriously than most U.S. citizens.  An impressive picture…


Outside Vernier, Switzerland, in the vicinity of Lake Geneva


wakey-wakey…WAKE UP! Monsanto is at it…again…

While the community garden is about to wake from its slumber very soon, all the rest of us need to BE AWAKE to the insane shenanigans that Monsanto continues to try to slip by us.  Please read the info below and go to the link at the bottom to sign the petition.  Thanks to all!

Posted: 12 April  2013

It’s unbelievable, but Monsanto and Co. are at it again. These profit-hungry biotech companies have found a way to gain exclusive control over the seeds of life – the source of our food. They’re trying to patent away varieties of our everyday vegetables and fruits like cucumber, broccoli and melons, forcing growers to pay them for seed and risk being sued if they don’t.

But we can stop them from buying up Mother Earth. Companies like Monsanto have found loopholes in European law to have exclusive rights over conventional seeds, so we just need to close them shut before they set a dangerous global precedent.And to do that, we need key countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands — where opposition is already growing — to call for a vote to stop Monsanto’s greedy plans. The Avaaz community has shifted governments before, and we can do it again.

Many farmers and politicians are already against this — we just need to bring in people power to pressure these countries to keep Monsanto’s hands off our food. Sign now and share with everyone to help build the biggest food defense call ever. – Monsanto vs. Mother Earth