Some benefits that arise from this project

  • Expanding the amount of food production over which we have control
  • Providing others without good gardening space to have some ground “to play with”
  • Using sustainable means of growing food, where possible
  • A stronger sense of community, even though individually we are private people
  • Camaraderie
  • Sharing the work and harvest, so it isn’t overwhelming for one person
  • Growing pure, vibrant food
  • Exercise and fresh air
  • Extended habitat for insects
  • Demonstrating how a simple vegetable/flower garden adds more street interest than lawn
  • Sharing information with others who are interested, or may never have considered a “front lawn conversion”
  • Sharing extra bounty with others less fortunate
  • Enhancing the mood of the neighborhood; seeing the smiles of passersby
  • Appreciating the “magic” of how a plant produces food
  • Bringing oneself into the “present” while tending the garden

In accordance with the wonderful transitions humanity is undergoing as it shifts its global consciousness, these are times of upheaval on the earth.  Though it may feel like chaos, there is universal order underlying everything.  While we move through sometimes bewildering events that make no logical sense, we seek ways of centering ourselves; taking refuge, if you will, from what makes no sense.

Gardening is a potent way, allowing us to focus on particular tasks, while connecting to Earth’s grounding energy.  So many people who work some form of gardening, be it just a few small feet of ground, or in containers, experience calmness, focus, and sometimes more energy after working with their plants, or the soil.  The presence of lovely butterflies, moths, birds, pollinating insects, spiders, and even earthworms, further attune us to the rhythms of nature.  These are the rhythms that stabilize us as we move through the seeming chaos of the world, and call us to appreciate where we are in the present moment.

May all be nourished in body, spirit, and mind!