Plants & supplies-2009

The initial planting includes:

5 tomato plant varieties
6 yellow bell pepper plants
3 summer squash (seeded): patty-pan (or scallop), round zucchini, yellow straight-neck
3 winter squash (seeded): delicata, spaghetti, buttercup
3 cucumber plants: lemon, sweet-slice long, bush crop
1 purple eggplant
1 chives plant
1 parsley (seeded)
16 ft. of green bush beans (seed)
8 ft. of rainbow Swiss chard (seed)
8 ft. scallions (bunching onions) (seed)
4 rows (@ 6 ft.) white corn (seed) to yield 24 plants total
6 kale plants
8 sunflowers (seeded among the squash plants)
6 vine-type nasturtiums to climb bamboo teepee (seed)
15 bush nasturtiums to stabilize and color the front edge of the bed (seed)
8 basil (seeded)
3 lavender plants (move in fall)

There will be subsequent seeding of bush beans every 3 weeks, through mid-July, as well as another installment of scallions, and Swiss chard, all in 8-ft. rows, where there is space.

Amendments and supplies:

•    5@4-lb.boxes of E.B. Stone Organics All Purpose Plant Food (5-5-5); raked into top 3 inches of soil; furrowed under corn rows.
•    Tomato cages
•    250 ft. of soaker hoses
•    150 ft. of solid hose (3@50 ft) to connect soakers to house faucets
•    Brass or plastic multi-channel hose-connectors
•    Many large cardboard boxes to cover the entire 600 sq. ft. of lawn

Deer repellent tactics as needed:

•    Surrounding the perimeter with monofilament line and hanging strips of rags soaked in lavender, mint, and citrus oils
•    Bars of Irish Spring soap to rub down the perimeter lines and poles, even the tomato cages
•    Hair clippings collected in small mesh/cloth bags and hung in 1 or 2 locations