Plants & supplies-2010

Here goes…everything seeded unless indicated as plant:

  • 5 tomato plant varieties: Lemon Pear; San Marzano; Big Boy; Fantastic; Early Girl
  • 3 summer squash: ‘Bennings Green Tint’ patty-pan/scallop; ‘Dark Green’ zucchini; ‘Yellow Prolific’ straight-neck
  • 4 winter squash: ‘Sweet Potato’ delicata (2); ‘Mesa Queen bush’ acorn; ‘Small Wonder’ spaghetti
  • 2 cucumbers: Lemon; Straight-8
  • 5 melons (personal size): ‘Margarita’ (3); ‘Charantai’ (canteloupe-type) (2)
  • 1 chive plant (from last year)
  • 1 parsley plant
  • 8 ft. of bush beans: ‘Tricolor’; ‘Top Crop’; ‘Yellow Bush’ in successive seedings every 3 weeks
  • 10 ft. of rainbow Swiss chard
  • 3 ft. scallions (bunching onions) ‘White Lisbon’
  • 3 rows (@ 5 ft.) yellow corn ‘Bodacious’
  • 8 ft. of basil ‘Genovese Italian’
  • 8 ft. of kale: ‘Russian red’
  • 8 ft. of beets: ‘Early Wonder’
  • 8 ft. of  lettuce ‘Marvel of 4 Seasons’
  • 6 ft. of  lettuce ‘Simpson Elite’
  • 8 ft. of lettuce ‘French Mesclun Mix’
  • 4 ft. of spinach: ‘Tyee hybrid’
  • 10 ft. of peas: ‘Dwarf Grey Sugar’

Front sidewalk tier:

  • 15 bush nasturtiums
  • 8 lavender plants of various types: Spanish and French types (raised from volunteer seedlings)
  • 1 rosemary plant (raised from volunteer seedling)

Amendments and supplies:

  • 6 lbs of bloodmeal (21-0-0) to raise deficient nitrogen levels; spread onto soil; turned into upper 6″ by shovel.
  • Supplemental organic slow release fertilizer (4-6-2) added periodically as side-dress to plants
  • 250 ft. of soaker hoses
  • 150 ft. of solid hose (3@50 ft) to connect soakers to house faucets
  • Brass or plastic multi-channel hose-connectors
  • Tomato cages
  • Calendar for scheduling water duties
  • Scale for weighing produce
  • Paper pad for notes and recording harvest weights

Deer repellent tactics as needed:

•    Deer or bird netting over the tops of plants
•    Bars of Irish Spring soap to rub down the tomato cages


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