Knee-high by the Fourth of July

We’ve got knee-high corn!  What this means for a harvest date in the Willamette Valley is anyone’s guess, given the area’s propensity towards chilly nights in early July, even amidst near-90° heat. There have been tomatoes forming over the last couple of weeks, and there are 10 good-sized fruits growing on my Roma in the house yard, but they still may not ripen until August.

We’re hoping that this current 5-day heat wave will boost the bell peppers and scallop squash out of their stupors before the arrival of the next cool front of marine air moves in during this coming week.  As usual, our summer doesn’t really settle in for some days after July 8th.

Better than knee-high corn on July 4th.....

Better than knee-high corn on July 4th.....


2 responses to “Knee-high by the Fourth of July

  1. Too bad we can’t average the climates–we’re in Safety Harbor Florida where everything is frying or floating away…we should break ground on our community garden as soon as we get the irrigation plan beat.

    • Wouldn’t that be great? Give us a longer growing season. Fortunately we have milder weather patterns relative to Florida; just takes longer to warm up. Good luck with your garden, and may the weather cooperate!

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