Getting the word out

We’ve been fortunate to have the local newspaper (Corvallis Gazette-Times) interested in publishing an article about the project, which was just released today.

Catch the online article at:

The total August harvest tally will be posted tomorrow.

And, we really do exist!  We all had divergent plans that precluded a group photo in the newspaper article, but this is the “goof” photo that caught some interest….

Group photo-4


2 responses to “Getting the word out

  1. Joel The Urban Gardener

    Your blog is a great record of a very cool project -Nice job!

    The fused corn and squash from the previous post are bizarre. I wonder why it is happening to two different plants at the same time. Are you putting fertilization drugs in the soil?

    • Fortunately, not fertilization drugs (unless there’s something in the organic starter mix). I agree it’s bizarre. I’m used to seeing 1 pair of fused yellow squash every year or two; there were actually 2 fused pairs of squash forming at the same time on the same plant, but one aborted during an shift to cool, damp weather.
      I’m thinking we’ve got some potent pollinators, though! There are easily a hundred bumble, honey, and other bees cruising around during the day. Thanks for writing……

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