Beauty Grows Here

The CG was just granted “Corvallis Beauty Grows Here” status by the Civic Beautification Urban Forestry Commission.  Actually, it was awarded in mid-June, but it was a surprise for me just this last week when a commission member stopped by with a certificate.

Now the CG is “crowned” with an honorary sign through October.  Hooray for all the plants!  It was also nice to know that if there were to be one “grand prize” given (out of 39 awards), I would have received it.  Evidently, they were impressed with the combination of sustainable/edible and ornamentals (kudos from a landscape designer himself).  Thrilled and grateful are the words that come to mind, on my part.  Yippee!  The garden devas are dancing with joy…..

Our new Corvallis Beauty-Grows-Here designation for 2010

Corvallis Beauty-Grows-Here Certificate


2 responses to “Beauty Grows Here

  1. Congratulations!

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