Red coats are back!

Finally! The CG is officially planted!  It seemed to be taking eons to find the right combination of time and weather (mainly) to put the bed into action.  A week’s absence in May provided a view that the greens had indeed grown to thinning size.  Our beloved deer took advantage of my roses and apple buds in the house yard while I was gone.  Good thing two of us had a hunch he might show up, and we netted the greens before I left.
Memorial Day late afternoon and a subsequent evening accommodated all the corn, squash, melons, and beans sowing we desired, along with tomato transplants.  Red jackets a must for the tomatoes, given our constantly-shifting weather.
Six pounds of overwintering kale and chard was harvested and cut so new could be seeded.  Most went to the food bank.
A recent hot-spot weekend had us configuring grabbing and connecting the water hoses.  Soaker hose layout coming up soon.

Red coats are back!

Anybody feeling time compression?  I can’t keep up!


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