New Timelines

Sometimes there are better reasons than others not to engage in spring gardening too soon, be they weather, or Divine intervention….
Primary excuses here:

Equinox! Spring?!

Tripping out of a concrete...
The director's way of getting out of work?

Actually, I did the hand trick earlier in the day we were intending to gather together for the annual planning tea party!  Since then we’ve experienced 3 weeks of the wettest March on record, including all 4 seasons in single days.

We have heard the hopeful news that in early April, we will see some warm sunny days, and then it will be a rush to weed and turn soil, and clean up.

My hand (with a hairline fracture in the base of the left index finger), has been healing rapidly over 3 weeks, but has more time ahead to heal the ligaments and then re-strengthen.  It will be quite awhile before I can torque it with a shovel, or do 2-handed weeding.   Aargh.  Everything takes longer.  I will have to get used to the idea of being a director in a real manner…;-)

We are in amazing times of planetary evolution, much of which is not even fathomed by the limited perspective of the scientific community.  Since I work in the field, I can speak this.  Quantum physicists know it, though they are often ridiculed, yet Einstein had glimpses.  Astronomers know it, even if the don’t broadcast it.

There is no more “normal”, if one is aware and awake, be it the weather, occupation, health….life.  Time IS accelerated.  Gene Rodenberry was bringing forth real information through his StarTrek missions, as was Carl Sagan in writing “Contact.”  We are not alone in the Cosmos!

But enough of this…it simply has me reflecting from late last year, that in my own life I do not have the desire to keep up with “media” aspect of blogs (which are largely outlets for ego-broadcasts of their lives).  Another reason this site intentionally has been kept focused as an information outlet above all else.  It feels like there will be fewer entries than in previous seasons, partly because the CG is well-established, partly because my life-service is needed in other areas.  Words mean less to me, and are increasingly more difficult to process, as I move less in the mental world and more into the invisible world of feeling and Nature.  Which means…there may be postings of pictures….and wordless.

This community garden has always been a focus of infused cosmic energy, assisted by the natural Beings who support the plant and soil life, and will continue to be such a portal.  Live in the Light!  And Light is Love!


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