For real, not for long

Aaahh…there were almost audible sighs from the plants, as moisture finally returned us to a degree of normalcy.  The cracks in the ground have nearly disappeared.

Just to balance out all that summery weather that led us to rename the month as Mayust for awhile, a huge cold front has enveloped us with substantial rain, and cooler than average temperatures, so it is reminiscent of March for a few days.  We are not complaining, just smiling.  It was bound to happen if the tomatoes were set in the ground, right?  The squash and melon seedlings in the house yard are protected with plastic jugs, and tomatoes continue to show off their red jackets.  Some of us feel like it’s time for a switch back to some sun and warmth.

Growing jugs in the yard?

Growing jugs in the yard?  No, these are mini-greenhouses.

What is the jug hiding?

A peek inside…to find…

Very young melons, waiting for some warmth!

Very young melons, waiting for some warmth!


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