Meeting time: who wants what?

A brief meeting of the participants to see who wants I to plant what, or buy what.  We’re down to 5 participants total, with a consensus to share and work the entire garden among us, rather than have individual plots.  I’m designated to plan the general layout.  Planting day is to be Memorial Day, May 25th, 5 pm.  For now, no “cool-weather” crops such as lettuce, cilantro, or cole crops (e.g., spinach, broccoli).  These will be planted in late summer, in areas where scallions and beans are harvested, and when the sun is lower on the horizon.  Also, no perennials to be planted this year, because I have plans to refine the borders of the beds in late fall (build structural support).

Watch for supplies and plants posted in the next blog, as well as here.


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