It worked!

Next morning, neighbor Patty feel asleep within a few minutes of getting up at 04:00.  I went out shortly before 06:00, as I’d planned, once my old cat went into his morning routine of waking me anywhere between 05:00 and 06:00 to feed him.  I was delighted to see no more browsing!  And, even with thunderstorms moving in later in the night, there was no evidence this morning of any damage.  I could still smell some residual Irish Spring soap odor on the lines, although very little odor on the soaked rag strips.  We haven’t seen any distinct hoof prints of the deer, but the Ferti-loam doesn’t hold any form wherever it is dry, and I think they were browsing from the edge of the row, while standing on the bark mulch around the blueberries.

Meanwhile, summer is further procrastinating, so we hear, for another two days, upon which temps will jump to 90°!  Today it is just clearing 70° and raining heavily as I write.  At least I got in a few hours of yard cleanup and transplanting (good weather for that!) beforehand.

Applied a foliar spray of fertilizer to the corn leaves, and raked in more granular 5-5-5 along the rows and around the bases of the bushing plants, to boost the nitrogen.  Having withheld water for 5 days last weeks, the plants already showed signs of greener new leaves, but I realized time had flown by and more fertilizer was needed by some plants.  It is quite different growing the veggies in this largely composted manure base, versus in my house yard where, given some of the same plants, there has been no deficiency.  However, they were watered less, and grew more slowly.  Plants are fascinating that way, as are “soil types” for that matter.


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