It’s squash vs. sunflowers…

Our crazy, often cold weather hasn’t been the best for fast sunflower growth, so now we find them almost engulfed by several squash.  I’ve had a talk with them, urging them upward.  They reply, “Get us some consistent, hot days and warm nights, please.”  Granted, they look better than the yellow California Wonder peppers, who have stubbornly refused to grow.

Some of the summer squash and cukes have been hiding their offspring under their huge leaves, and although we’ve been peeking, the plants are pulling their usual “overnight babies.”  We’ll be starting to harvest yellow straightnecks and the cue-ball zucchini, and a few cukes in a few days, provided yesterday’s rains didn’t rot anything.  Hopefully not too many blossoms were damaged, and the predicted hot weather is to arrive tomorrow.  The scalloped Patty-pan in the house yard is bearing 2 or 3 small squashes, so they’ll be ready soon.  Quite a few small spaghetti squash are forming on their vines, too, which is a great sign.

Picked the first quart of blueberries (var. Bluecrop) of our joint blueberry patch last evening when the rain let up.  Most were ripe, with a couple of tart ones mixed in; mainly didn’t want deer or birds picking them! There are other varieties ripening up.  Since these are first-year transplants there are mostly one or two clusters max.  Instead of removing them early, as often suggested, we wanted to see how big and how long they take to ripen.


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