High summer

When temperatures hover near 100°F my appetite switches gears in a big way.  No amount of fresh beans, chard, squash, tomatoes, or cucumbers can lure me to a green salad today, and especially not to cooking.  The last bit of bolting lettuce was plucked this morning to salvage a salad, maybe tomorrow.

First tomatoes were plucked a couple of days ago, and the squash are gearing up for another wave of production; lemon cucumbers are no visibly forming. Almost 6 pounds of green cucumbers were pulled this last week, which was a surprise.  Corn tassels and silk are promising signs of ear production as the plants have grown taller.  Bush beans abound and are a real hit, while thinned basil provides a delightful zest for pasta with garlic, salt, and olive oil.  Nonetheless, tonight’s dinner is cold cereal, cantaloupe, and a blueberry smoothie.

Tasty peaches, apricot sized!

Tasty peaches, apricot sized!

The prize picking was of the three small peaches that had formed on my new 2-yr. old dwarf tree.  I wasn’t sure when they’d be ripe, and when I went to inspect them under their little “pom pom” branch clusters, they released themselves easily with just a gentle nudge.  One was the size of an apricot, and the others a tad bit larger, very sweet and tasty nevertheless.

And the deer?  They’re watching and waiting; today I found evidence of some minor nibbling on the chard, kale, and bean tips.  Time to soap the lines again.  After I have my unorthodox dinner.


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