July Bounty

The heat spike of the previous blog has eased to the high 80’s, yielding nearly 10 pounds of summer squash in 4 days.  This marks the first donation of surplus food to a local food bank.  We’ve been overrun with squash and cucumbers, and that’s before the lemon cucumbers are coming on strong.  Our one casualty was a partially sun-scalded bell pepper, which had to be picked long before turning its intended orange hue.


The July pickings total as follows (in pounds):

•    Summer squash:    30 1/4
•    Cucumbers:             15 1/2
•    Swiss chard:             5 1/4
•    Kale:                          5 1/4
•    Beans:                       2
•    Peppers:                   1/4
•    Lettuce:                    6 1/4
•    Tomatoes:                 3/4
•    Eggplant:                  1
•    Artichoke:                 3/4
•    Scallions:                  1/2
•    Basil:                          1/8
•    Strawberries:            10
•    Blueberries:              1
•    Peaches:                     1/2
Grand Total:        80 (rounded off)

The sunflowers and yellow straightneck squash still appear to be competitive, thus said squash plant is now over 4 feet high, which makes for easier picking at times.  A squash “tree” more than a bush.  Today it looks as if the sunflowers took another bound upwards above 5 feet.  Will the squash try it?


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