While fall enters its zenith and fall colors are ubiquitous, whether static, or as falling gems of gold and burgundy, a killing frost has yet to manifest, allowing cleome, sages, zinnia, and nasturtiums to show off for a longer spell.


Fall flowers still dancing: cleome, pineapple sage, lavender, Japanese anemone

The nasturtium flowers at the front of the community bed are in full throttle, and their mild spiciness is being enjoyed in salads (akin to very mild arugula).


Nasturtiums deciding to show off

The first leeks have been picked, with a verdict of “very tasty” even if not mature, and harvested tomatoes keep ripening enough to keep our salads colorful, while still giving some away.

Garden cleanup and winter preparation continue at a leisurely pace, along with playing “musical plants” to make way for new arrivals.  After a fatiguing day at work last week I relished the task of transplanting my ‘Puget Gold’ apricot from a pot to its permanent ground residence inside the house yard.  That felt more productive than the entire workday!


One response to “Show-offs

  1. Yours is the featured blog at Blotanical, for the moment.

    Love the nasturtiums.

    Nell Jean – Seedscatterer

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