Erego…we grow…

A wonderful year of production, and of course, a bumper crop of tomatoes, because we did not track the bounty!  So much gratitude goes forth to everyone involved, including all plant devas and Elemental beings who tended everything so perfectly, while we got so busy with life’s various activities and demands.

It is the usual wind-down time of rest for all.  Some lettuce, kale, and chard are braving the battering of November winds and rain.

A glimpse of some bounty as it occurred along the way.  Enjoy!

Luscious Green Beans

Luscious Green Beans

Bodacious beets!

Bodacious beets!

Jul 30-12-3

Harvesters in action!

Jul 30-12-4

Gaston is a wizard at sowing very even stands of radishes!

The intriguing purple tomato cultivar ‘Indigo Rose’

Full glory garden! Where’s Juni…where’s Aspen?

Didn't forget the corn!

Didn’t forget the corn!

The first summer bounty!

Garden mascot and art sculpture…a zucchini seal.


Ultra-prolific ‘Early Girl’ tomato; no greenies to be had on this vine!

Wind-down and clean up as flaming fall glory sets in..

Wind-down and clean up as flaming fall glory sets in..

Prime time in the house yard!

Prime time in the house yard!


2 responses to “Erego…we grow…

  1. Wow those tomatoes look amazing. Did you have any problems with birds or vermin trying to get to all that before you did?

    • LOL…fortunately, no! It turns out that “our deer” prefers the leaves to the fruit, and leaves everything alone (meaning tomatoes and squash) until it starts getting colder and there are fewer smorgasbords still going. Then she nibbles away at the leaves, still leaving the fruit. I think she sampled 1 tomato near the end. This isn’t that uncommon…they will strip green bean plants of the leaves, leaving most of the beans, too. If there are several deer present, then it shifts, as there is too much “pressure” and then they will eat the “fruit” too. They don’t give a hoot about basil…yay! No problems with birds either, (though they like the blueberries) given my cats being around…;-).

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