Winter inspiration

While wintry sleet and freezing rain make it rather inhospitable for yard work-play, it does provide for more leisurely musings of the lively feathered visitors to the feeders.  Scanning the yard for the possible early casualties of the week’s freezing temperatures, most everything seems settled.  White sage is out of it’s typical chaparral environment, so it naturally went into decline with the inset do long bouts with of rain, after a freeze; May is the time for revealing the success of mulching its base.

And for many garden enthusiasts this is the time for inspiration; for dreaming, for pondering, for planning what their new outdoor spaces might become, or how existing spaces might be enhanced.

Some inspirational resources are listed here:

There are so many books and resources available that provide valuable information, depending on one’s tastes, preferences, and experience.  However, a few of those that seem to me to offer some unique ideas, while being practical and not so overwhelming are offered as suggestions and places to explore.  There are no rules against using snippets of ideas from many resources to create what you like.

Happy New Year! Enjoy exploring, dreaming, and becoming inspired to find your own style!  “Simple” is a good way to start!

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