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April…come what May

April….spring….is always shifty in relation to weather, but this year feels less normal “than normal”.  This isn’t surprising to some of us who can feel the invisible shift in planetary energetics.  Strong fluctuations of Earth’s geomagnetic fields, episodes of solar winds, coinciding with increased tectonic activity around the world, just might influence weather patterns and people’s energy, though we won’t hear of it via traditional technology or the media.

Slowly but surely there is growth. The large overwintering kale doesn't count....

April has taken forever to get through; it seems like eons ago that we put in our first cool-crops in the CG.  Happily, they germinated well despite heavy rains just after seeding.  They have survived several episodes of hail, heavy rain and wind storms, frost, and “much lower than average” temperatures for the month.  We could call it….Apruary.  Somehow February and April got mixed up. But the sporadic days of sun between storms have brought us snippets of warmth, enough for the plants to show some substance, so initial thinnings were just made.  Love those tasty kale, lettuce, spinach, and pea sprouts! I decided to try potatoes again this year, so planted them last week.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a decent crop.  I think I heard something about a warming trend in early May.  Yes! Please, oh please.

Aspen beginning his tentative first outdoor explorations: his motto seems to be "always safer to hunker down and watch".

Where's Juniper? Where's Aspen? We know you're there....somewhere.

So, what is the current bumper crop? Weeds!


Soil temperature = air temperature

When does the soil temp equal air temp?  Is this a riddle?  Answer: Today!

Seriously, in the CG bed at 4″ depth, the temp reads 45°, and today the air temp reached 45°, down 15° from our heat wave last weekend, thanks to a cold front.

Fortunately, during the heat wave, the CG bed received its final 3 cu. yards of soil to fill in the tiers.  Time to consider an early spring planting fairly soon; good excuse for another tea party!

Meanwhile, with sleet in the forecast outside, it’s time to get some basil, zinnia, and lobelia seeds planted inside!

Aspen reserving room on the seedling heat mat

Future garden resident

How do I know this?  Because he’s already here, but not allowed out until he grows a lot more.

Introducing….Mr. Aspen, a sweet tabby manx.  Now aged 18 weeks, he is my “Solstice kitten.”

Mr. Aspen-first day at home-Dec-20-2009; age 12 weeks

He was very small for his age when I adopted him, and it has been a rough month getting him sorted through various plagues that shelter kittens often encounter, but he seems to be fairly stable now, and actively growing.  Keeping fingers crossed on his improved digestion.

He and Juniper were actively playing after only a relatively short two weeks of attitude adjustment.  Not remembering her own kittenhood, Juniper was perplexed what do around such a wee thing, and had to learn to teach him some manners.  But, all seems sorted for now, with her Princess status still intact.

Although a playful little fellow, Aspen is not nearly as spunky or feisty as Juniper was at his age, which is just as well.  Of course, he has his moments.

For starts, Juniper feels safer at playing when behind the safety of glass.

A feline farewell

Cedar, my intrepid little tabby cat who hauled himself back from the verge of death several times, when vets thought he “was a goner,” earned himself the title of “Energizer-kitty,” somehow managing to keep on going-and-going-and-going, with occasional “system failures” or “resets,” amidst his complicated health issues of the last 4-5 years.

On December 3rd he gave me the definite sign that he could no longer sustain his Energizer image and it was time to move to the Rainbow Bridge of light before he suffered any further.  The unique combination of being mellow, but very strong-willed, carried him through 16-and-a half years of life, and I’m sure he was granted more than 9 lives!  Cedar had a knack for keeping his angels and guardians very busy!

He served as official escort for several neighbors as they walked to our street’s common mailbox center, and was the official greeter-cat on the block for many years.  He always knew when I’d be coming home from work, whether by bicycle, car, or foot, and would wait by the front fence.

Sometimes seeming more dog-like than cat, Cedar followed me around the yard like a little trooper, as I worked through the different yard projects, until his final year.  Because the front community garden was installed when he really slowed down, he wasn’t a regular visitor, but preferred to stay just behind the front fence, bedding down on his favorite sunrose, keeping his ears tuned to all activities.  His spirit is still strongly felt in the garden.

Cedar in his prime