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September Bounty

The September pickings are in, just as weather decides it will actually be fall-like!

  • Summer squash:        40 (pounds)
  • Cucumbers                  20.5
  • Swiss chard:                18
  • Kale:                              25
  • Beans:                             4.5
  • Peppers:                         0.50
  • Tomatoes:                    51.5
  • Eggplant:                        1
  • Scallions:                        2.75
  • Beets:                              1.5 (tops & roots)
  • Basil:                               6.5
  • Potatoes:                        2
  • Winter squash:             23

Grand Total:         197 (rounded off)
(Slid on past the August total!)

Total season bounty:  459 pounds

Thank you plants, pollinators, and devas!


August Bounty

The August pickings total as follows (in pounds):

•    Summer squash:    53
•    Cucumbers:             49-½
•    Swiss chard:              6-½
•    Kale:                           10-½
•    Beans:                         5
•    Peppers:                      ¾
•    Sweet corn:              19 (25 ears)
•    Tomatoes:                19-½
•    Eggplant:                   4
•    Scallions:                   1
•    Artichoke:                   ¾
•    Beets:                         1-½ (tops & roots)
•    Basil:                          2-½
•    Blueberries:              2
•    Potatoes:                   6
Grand Total:              182 (rounded off)

Total season bounty:  262

Thank you plants, pollinators, and devas!

Juba skipper on 'Cherry Profusion' zinnias

Juba skipper on 'Cherry Profusion' zinnias

May we present……?

Gorgeous corn! In spite of inconsistent weather and some temporary nutrient deficiencies, our ‘Silver Princess’ sweet corn has matured and borne at least one ear per plant.  The tallest plants have 2 to 3 ears apiece, and one even has a fourth (immature).  Some ears are still filling out, but today (drum roll please) we harvested the first 5 ears! Almost clockwork to the day….70 days from planting.

First corn pickings and smiles of success

First corn pickings and smiles of success

Irresistible sweet corn var. Silver Princess

Irresistible sweet corn var. Silver Princess and not an ear worm to be found.

While enjoying our fresh, tender corn this week we’re keeping our eyes open for the next onslaught of squash and lemon cucumbers, after a slight respite.  And, contemplate when the dozen “personal size” spaghetti squashes will mature, and ponder if they really are what the package claims; fortunately they stopped growing awhile ago.  We’re also relieved to hear that formerly predicted “colder than average temperatures” for the rest of August won’t be likely; we need more warmth for our great crop of big, green tomatoes.

Colorful bounty: corn, eggplant, banana sweet pepper, cherry tomato

Colorful bounty: corn, eggplant, banana sweet pepper, cherry tomato

Planting day……finally

Two days ago I set an oscillating sprinkler on for 2 sets of 1-hour duration, separated by 1-hour breaks, to dampen down the upper 4 to 5 inches of soil.  We’ve had a stretch of unusually warm weather during the week; moisture setting in nicely after the second day of soaking.

I spent most of today in the new garden spot, beginning at 8:00 a.m., contemplating and editing my layout while soaking the soil for another couple of hours.  The Ferti-loam mix is wonderful; not a weed has shown up yet.  With our spell of hot weather, the raised soil bed is wonderfully warm, perfect for planting corn and other warmth-lovers.  Lettuce won’t be done until later summer.

Participating neighbors dropped by to help spread organic fertilizer on the beds and rake it in.  Soaker hoses appeared, and I started configuring the hose systems, not that they’d be used right away.

Planting proceeded quickly after 5:00 pm., when westerly breezes arose; stores ran low on various plants, so not everything planned was planted.  More bell peppers and tomatoes are still needed.

The morning after.....planting that is.  Where's Juniper?

The morning after.....planting that is. Where's Juniper?

The overall planting includes:
5 tomato plant varieties
6 yellow bell pepper plants
3 summer squash (seeded): patty-pan (or scallop), round zucchini, yellow straight-neck
3 winter squash (seeded): delicata, spaghetti, buttercup
3 cucumber plants: lemon, sweet-slice long, bush crop
2 Japanese purple eggplants
1 chives plant
1 parsley (seeded)
16 ft. of green bush beans (seed)
8 ft. of rainbow Swiss chard (seed)
8 ft. scallions (bunching onions) (seed)
4 rows (@ 6 ft.) white corn (seed) to yield 24 plants total
6 kale plants
8 sunflowers (seeded among the squash plants)
6 vine-type nasturtiums to climb bamboo teepee (seed)
15 bush nasturtiums to stabilize and color the front edge of the bed (seed)
8 basil (seeded)
3 lavender plants (move in fall)

Amendments and supplies:
5@4-lb.boxes of E.B. Stone Organics All Purpose Plant Food (5-5-5); raked into top 3 inches of soil; furrowed under corn rows.
Tomato cages
250 ft. of soaker hoses
150 ft. of solid hose (3@50 ft) to connect soakers to house faucets
Brass or plastic multi-channel hose-connectors
Many large cardboard boxes to cover the entire 600 sq. ft. of lawn